Rustic Home Decor

What is Rustic Decor?

Posted By Jeff Spiker in Rustic Home Decor on Oct 25, 2016

Rustic Home Decor

rus-tic / adejective / of, pertaining to, or living in the country, as distinguished from towns or cities; rural.

dé·cor / noun / style or mode of decoration, as of a room, building, or the like

Add style and charm to your home or office with rustic decor and rustic accents. Your indoor environment can look and feel just like a cozy cabin in the woods with unique lighting accents such as antler sconces, antler lamps and chandeliers and more from Rocky Mountain Antler Works.

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No matter where your home is located, whether city, suburb, plains or woods, a rustic cabin- or lodge-like feel can be attained by installing a few rustic decorating accents throughout. “Rustic” used to be a polite way to describe something that was old, frail or cheap. However, rustic decor is now considered by many to be sophisticated and very trendy. Rustic decor and accents can add a simple and/or sophisticated charm to any home.  Rustic decor may not be as “chic” as modern contemporary design but the simple aspects of this style allow for a real connection to the outside world!

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