Double Decker – Mule Deer Wine Rack – 10+ Bottle

Double Decker – Mule Deer Wine Rack – 10+ Bottle - Rocky Mountain Antler Works

Rustic art and purpose in one! This Old Western style wine rack is made using ten or eleven (depending on size)”4 point” shed mule deer racks. This wine rack was specially designed to ensure easy fit in a counter top corner, but this piece is certainly not limited to that placement. Get creative with it! The double decker wine rack features two racks, each holding up to at least five standard bottles. This piece measures approximately 18” tall, 27” wide, and 23” deep. The picture below is for representation purposes only — each item is custom made and can slightly differ from this image. Please allow 3-4 weeks from time of order processing to time of delivery. Shipping cost includes custom built crate. This item cannot ship to Alaska. Huge shipping discount! Enter code $100OFFSHIP at checkout.

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