Ulu With Pine Beetle Stain Stand

Ulu With Pine Beetle Stain Stand - Rocky Mountain Antler Works

Never heard of an ulu before? Well today is your lucky day! Ulu knives are some of the most diverse, all-purpose tools around. Traditionally used by Inuit people, the ulu knife can do everything from skinning an animal to cutting a child’s hair. Ergonomically designed, this knife replaces the standard chopping motion with a much easier, more effective, rocking motion. Simple rocking back and fourth over whatever it is your cutting. Constructed using the slightly curved part of the main-beam antler. The blade features a chrome finish and is set in a beautiful linseed oil and “blued” pine beetle wood stand. This piece truly is as functional as it is beautiful. Makes a charming, and useful addition, to any cook’s arsenal.

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